Premiere Game Tables - Wanted to play

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I ordered a pool table and a few extra accesories.I have the accesories but not the table.

I ordered this stuff on June 28th it is now July 22nd. I have tried to contact them multiple times. I was contacted a couple times by a Kirk Matthews about the table I ordered was out of stock so he was going to send me another table. I said that was fine.

I have not heard from him or anyone else since. Have not been able to reach anyone on the phone. Tried emailing Kirk agian and nothing. I am very upset about this whole process and do not recommend using this company!!

I just hope that I can get my money back, but I really don't hold my breath on it.Sad as that is.

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Premiere Game Tables - Soldiers lose money

Quantico, Virginia 1 comment
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I purchased a ping pong table, paddles, and balls from this company Premiere Game Tables. Or I should say attempted to.

I paid for these items on the 2nd of Feb and never heard a word from them until the 24th of feb. Even though I posted two comments between those dates on their message board asking for information.

When they contacted me on the message board they said they cannot ship to Alaska. Which I am used to and kind of expected. So I told them to please refund my money and thanks. I responded with that on the 24th of Feb hours after they notified me of not being able to ship it.

Then the long silence began. Over the next few weeks I posted two more comments on the message board with zero responses. I also tried the live chat never worked, and I tried from different computers all over town. The 800 number will only tell me that I can not call this number from where I am, and again it says that from any phone I have tried.

I sent several emails to whatever email addresses I could find that were associated with this site, even the one in pay pal. I never got a response. It was not until the 22nd of March, after I sent one last email out giving him a deadline and a "if not" at the end, that I heard from Kirk Mathews.

He claimed that they have been trying to reach me and did not know if I wanted a refund. So I emailed back within hours to refund. Then sent two more emails after asking for confirmation it is the 25th of mar and he still will not respond, I don't have the money (even though he said in the email he would refund it immediately), and still no way of contacting any one. He did give me a direct phone number to him, but after the first try (when it rang 4 times and I left a messages), it will not ring any more it only goes directly to voicemail. Again I have tried several different phones.

I started all of this thinking " Hey I am using Pay Pal things should be fine". Well be warned that anything you order through this company may or may not show and you may not ever get your money back.

I hope this saves someone the headache and finical lost it has caused me. Since I am now out $600 and nothing to show for it.

The part that kills me the most is I was using money put together by myself and fellow soldiers to purchase this set for our troops out here. And now it looks like I will have to tell them we got shafted.

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Premier sucks.ordered a goalrilla goal on Oct 14, Nov 2 still had not arrived.

They did not return e-mails and did not respond to phone calls.

They did refund my money quickly.But will never use them again.

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